Oh Homebuying!

We bought a house! Well a flat. And quite a small flat at that, but it’s ours!

We put our offer in on January 2nd so it’s been quite a long time coming, but after a lot of negotiation about extending the lease, which cost us an extra £10,000… (more on that another day) we exchange today!

We weren’t actually planning on buying a house, but when a For Sale sign went up in front of our apartment complex we decided to have a look. The flat was a bit of a mess, but it had a second bedroom so was bigger than the one we currently live in and it’s literally over the road to the station. And we know it could be nicer as the one we currently rent is lovely. It made so much sense but we just didn’t have a deposit. So we were incredibly lucky when J’s Great Aunt offered us the money and here we are today. Home owners.

Here are some pics of the new pad:

628481238cb61c44997a24b98b350c3073b82faf ac6e326ffa40f2800f8fac030d4665fdf101a567 e9491126edad8cc21655f8e4afdbad8b3cc3b071 1440b81983140af53566022e920ada1f7f07496c

These are just the estate agent photos for now. I’ll post some more when we get the keys and can get inside.

Love x


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