Oh monochrome bathroom inspiration!

I’ve been posting lots about my kitchen recently but I’ve not written much about the bathroom. The bathroom in this flat is, frankly, disgusting.  I’ve lived for years in rented and shared student bathrooms but each one of them looks like an ensuite at the Ritz compared to the mould encrusted hole that is the bathroom in our new home.

Desperate to see this monstrosity destroyed one of the first things I did when we had the offer accepted was to start pulling together inspiration for my dream bathroom. Sadly, Mr Harriet is against pink flamingo wallpaper and we can’t afford a claw foot tub (which, when we mostly take showers, would be fairly pointless anyway).

After months of trying to work out something we’ll both like, we’ve realised white subway tiles are a winner in any location, and no one has ever been offended by monochrome. Here’s a few of the bathrooms that will be inspiring our bathroom renovation:



I’m especially loving the mirror ball in the final image, and the black edging tiles.


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