Oh Sunday’s – bicycling and upcycling

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Today I’ve had a super productive Sunday, I went for a bike ride, then I’ve been varnishing this old dining chair, which used to belong to my mum and that I painted yesterday (complete with gold dipped legs!) and this shop-sign-slash-hallway-shelf we bought yesterday. They’re going to be used in our newly carpeted hallway:


What do you think of the sign? We don’t know what business it’s from, but somewhere in Skipton. It would be great to find out!

I’m contemplating painting the raw edge that will be visible on the front of the shelf gold to match the letters and the chair legs, but I don’t want to ruin it. What do you guys think?

Thrifty finds – vintage bar cabinets

While the flat is taking its sweet time to be a nice, finished home I’ve found my excitement waning. With everything nearly finished the momentum of seeing huge changes take place has gone, and I’m starting to feel a bit disheartened as small jobs — that seemed irrelevant when faced with a whole renovation — stack up. While it’s much less of a building site, everything is still barely done and it still doesn’t feel quite like a home, let alone my home. To try and keep my excitement I decided to go shopping and see if I could find a few pieces of furniture to make the flat feel more like it’s ours.

One of the places I visited was The Antiques Emporium in Stroud. I’d never been before but i was staying with my aunt and she suggested a trip. You know how most times you go to antiques stores or market and most things sort of pass you by and you’re lucky if you find one awesome thing? Not here. Here i want every. Single. Thing. But, sadly, most of these things would not fit in our tiny flat. As I walked through the warehouse I fell in love with about 300 items, one in particular was a huge wooden desk, that would have been perfect for our office space, if only it had had two work spaces not one.

Normally my need to open every single cupboard just results in beady stares from shop owners, worried about doors getting scuffed and sticking locks but the nice thing about the Emporium is that you don’t feel discouraged from opening doors and drawers and investigating pieces of furniture you like. Which is how I discovered this little cupboard isn’t quite what it seems.

photo 1

I’ve always loved bar cabinets and on opening this seemingly innocuous cabinet I let out a yelp. This one has the original lemon squeezers, cocktail picks and tray still in place… After calling my mum and aunt back to look at it with me, they encouraged me to pull it out… where we discovered it had sliding glass doors at the back to let you get access to the bottles from either side.


I’d already fallen in love by this point, but this is the cabinet that keeps on giving. Fiddling with the top, which had a groove down the middle, my mum discovered that it was actually two leaves that opened up, and the sides of the cabinet swing out – metamorphosing the small cupboard into a full size bar.


That did it. The cabinet had to be mine. A couple of weeks later and the bar was delivered to the new flat by my aunt, and it fits perfectly into the back corner by the sofa, ready to be opened up for our house warming!

photo 3

I just need the bartender to go with it now…