Bathroom renovation reveal

So I haven’t posted about my bathroom yet. The whole thing was a bit of a nightmare and frankly, it’s taken me this long to get over the stress and be able to write about it.

Originally when we bought the flat I said straight away I wanted to change the bathroom, it had a grey suite, hadn’t been cleaned in about 20 years and was full of mould and generally just gross. But then I didn’t see the flat for six months while we went through the buying hassle and I forgot quite how bad it was. As we looked at our finances and what we wanted to change in the flat, we slowly began to realise that we spend a lot more time in the kitchen and would be a lot happier if we changed that first.

Then we got the keys and the full horror of the bathroom was quickly brought back to us in full HD colour. So we decided to just do both and hope the money got us there somehow. Everything works out, right? (Thankfully for us it did but this is NOT an ok way to go into renovations…)

I had a really clear vision of what i wanted our bathroom to look like, and you can see it here: but I have never ever hired any sort of builder/plumber or electrician and really had no idea where to start. I’ll write a bit more about how we found our builders eventually another day, but for now, here’s the big bathroom transformation:



(note that the toilet reaches out further than the door frame, and that of the two layers of tiles you can see the bottom layer is painted (the original colour is the same as the suite). I don’t think this photo gives you the full horror though.



What do you think? We still haven’t done the little bits like put up towel rails, a mirror or get a bathroom cabinet (as you can see since we haven’t even taken off all the frogtape from the ceiling!) At the moment we’re using this old sewing table which Mr Harriet found at the dump, but it’s a bit too big for the space…

I’ll post more photos when we’re at a more finished stage.


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