My pick of the best towels (and a bonus rant about why finding a nice towel is so hard)

Since the bathroom is getting closer to being done (here’s a sneak peak of our newly installed (almost) mirror) I’ve been trying to find some nice

But  I haven’t even decided what colour I want, let alone how much I want to spend so when I was confronted by Egyptian cotton, percale, linen etc I get confused and wanted to know why on earth there is so much choice for body-drying implements. And also when towels became so expensive??

I’ve had a Cath Kidston towel for about five years now, and while the colours have kept the towel itself isn’t very fluffy at all any more and is definitely not soft (despite tumbledrying and fabric softener-ing) so I’m not holding out much hope for getting more expensive ones to last. But I’ve been searching for something that will look stylish in my bathroom, dry me properly, and that if we move in the future won’t need replacing immeadiately as it looks weird in somewhere different.

On a whim during a recent trip to John Lewis I bought these (which you can see in the picture above). I know I want some colour to counter the black and white, and I thought the grey background would help blend it in. Plus they felt nice and soft and they were relatively cheap (between £8 and £20), so I threw caution to the wind and bought them.

Then i put them in the bathroom and realised I am a fool. The pattern’s all wrong and despite our efforts to make the room light and airy, it’s still quite dark, which makes the grey in the towel look more brown. So I took them back and now I am stuck because I don’t like any towels, and I can’t pick a colour. But don’t let me stop you buying them if you like them. They are very nice, although I can’t comment on how well they wash or anything.

Now i am stuck, because we are both still using towels we’ve had since we went off to University, which frankly are a bit gross and I don’t want them anywhere near my new shiny bathroom.

But since i’ve spent so much time trawling the shops for towels, I thought i’d share my wisdom with you. So here’s the top towels on my list:

1.) Designer’s Guild Orcia Soft Aqua Towel – £5-£46

CaptureI’ve always thought linen towels look really chic, and minty blues are my favourite colours at the moment, making this my dream towel. I would have already bought a set but they cost all the money.

Now it doesn’t look much from the photo, but I’ve visited the towels regularly and in person the colour is lovely, and the linen so soft. Plus they have a whole host of other colours which would coordinate well together- the baby pink is also gorgeous.

(Speaking of linen towels, these ones from Ferm Living are gorgeous colours too!)

2.) John Lewis Supima Cotton Towel – £4-£32


Now, I’ve seriously contemplated buying these towels as they are really soft and luxurious. It’s just again the price tag is too much. A bath towel (not a bath sheet) is £25. Which doesn’t sound like much, but when you’ve bought an entire bathroom’s and want to go on holiday some time in the next decade it sounds ridiculous.

There isn’t a huge range of colours in this range, but this steel grey is gorgeous. It’s not flat like some greys are, and I really can’t tell you enough how soft this towel is. It’s the softest towel ever. If you’re thinking of getting some towels to last, then these are the ones you should get.

3.)  Hay large yellow towel by Scholten & Baijings – up to £27

CaptureNow, i have absolutely no idea what these towels feel like in person, but as soon as I saw them I fell in love. They’ve got a bit of pattern but not too much, and the yellow is amazing! These towels feel like something you’d find in a luxury design hotel, and would look amazing stacked on a bathroom shelf. They have them in red and blue too on the Hay site, and a set of two bath towels, a hand towel and a flannel would be about £55 + delivery.

These also fulfil my criteria of being fluffy for Mr Harriet, who hates the idea of linen towels, and stylish enough for my snazzy bathroom which might make me rethink my price barrier…

4.) John Lewis Copenhagen Capri Towels, Steel / Mint – £4-28Capture

Now, I should make it clear that I really liked these towels online, but not as much in person. The grey is more mottled in person, which didn’t make them less nice, just more patterned than I wanted. But they tick the boxes of being the ideal colours for my bathroom and they are quite flat, which means they’d still look lovely and chic in a bathroom, but fulfil the criteria of being a fluffy towel for anyone who enjoys that luxury.


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