Ohh vintage dresses!

This weekend my mum and aunt held a party in my parent’s garden to celebrate my Grandad’s 80th. It was a brilliant day but last week I was having a panic about what to wear.

Having searched Asos/Topshop/ my own wardrobe I was desperate. Everything was pastel coloured or looked like something a 3 year-old would wear.

Does anyone else have the problem that they only really suit black clothes so summer dressing is a huge problem?

Anyway, as I was walking through the antique market next to the Picturehouse cinema in Greenwich (an area of the market that got a bit rubbish for a while but seems to be picking up again) a blue/green piece of fabric caught my eye.

Now, I’m normally rubbish at vintage shopping — my mum, brother and sister are great at sifting through piles of things and pulling out the one gem in the shop, while I’m much more of a fan of places where there’s space between the hangers and you can see the clothes — but I was obviously on form this day as I found this:


The dress was from the 1960’s or thereabouts (although the woman on the stall tried to convince me it was 50’s — I know nylon when i see it!) and was the perfect colours. It even fitted – a rarity for vintage clothes when you’re 5’1 and a size 6.

Although the woman on the market stall hadn’t ironed the dress (seriously – if you’re selling clothes then surely you should make every effort to make them look nice!) and refused to bargain, I eventually gave in as i knew I’d regret it.

I’ll post some more pictures of the party and me wearing the dress soon.

Love, H xx